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There are some subtle bad signs that deserve your attention when you begin dating someone new. Sometimes we are unwilling to open our eyes to the truth because we are too busy enjoying our new relationship or we think he will change. Spot these red flags in the beginning of your relationship and you can prevent some major heartbreak down the road.

  1. He waits until the last moment to commit to a plan and oftentimes you are the one doing most of the planning.
  2. He has met your family but has little to no interest in introducing you to his own.
  3. He has never expressed interest in participating in an activity that is not hanging out and hooking up.
  4. Foreplay is a concept that does not exist to him.
  5. He said “I love you” in the first day, week or month of meeting.
  6. He does not have close relationships or long-term friends. 
  7. You always pay for things when you go out on dates.
  8. He is addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex etc.
  9. He is a complete slob and never offers to help you clean up.
  10. He walks out on you in the middle of an argument.
  11. Everything that happens to him is the fault of someone else.
  12. He is unemployed for months on end and has little to no ambition.
  13. He rolls his eyes at you or other people of authority.
  14. His words do not match his actions.
  15. You cry about him instead of laughing with him.
  16. You have caught him in more than one lie before about something of a serious nature.
  17. He is obsessed with his mom and always listens to her advice over yours.
  18. He is unnecessarily rude to waiters, baristas or cab drivers that are serving you.
  19. He texts you obsessively and makes you feel guilty when you don't respond.
  20. He is only attracted to you in a physical way and never tends to your emotional needs or wants.
  21. When having sex, it is his way or the highway.
  22. He demands to be the center of attention while you feel left out on the sidelines.
  23. He hates his parents for petty reasons.
  24. He has a consistent criminal record.
  25. He accuses you of lying or cheating when there is no reason to do so.
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