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Make the countdown to summer more tolerable with the release of some brand new movies and TV. Check out what's hot this spring for our list of some new hits you won't wanna miss!


scandal season 6 


Scandal, Season 6

(January 26th)

The story of Olivia Pope & Associates continues on in season 6. With Mellie running for president and Cyrus as Frankie Vargas' Vice President, who will get their feet back inside the White House?













 Fifty Shades Darker

(February 9th)

Sequel to the renowned and seductive Fifty Shade of Grey, Christian jumps through hoops fighting for Anastasia back, she has her own agenda. She must confront the angry and envious women that came before her, before she can contemplate life with Christian.


shots fired fox











Shots Fired, Season 1

(March 22nd)

This new series examines the treacherous aftermath of a racially charged shooting in a fictional town down south. 


power rangers movie










Movie Trailer 

Power Rangers

(March 24th)

A group of teens are inexplicably brought together to become the newest and greatest line of warriors known as the Power Rangers. The fate of the world rests heavy on their shoulders as a powerful witch attempts to take over. 


zookeepers wife










Movie Trailer

The Zookeeper's Wife

(March 31st)

This new film depicts the real-life story of one hardworking wife and mother, who became a hero to hundred in World War II. To fight back the Nazi invasion Jan and Antonina are forced to begin working with the resistance to save the lives out of what has become the Warsaw Ghetto.  


prision break 1 









Prison Break,
Season 5

(April 4th)

Seven years later and after Michael's apparent death, clues surface that suggest that he may be alive. Sarah, Lincoln, T-bag, Sucre, and C-Note team up to dig deeper to engineer the series' biggest escape ever. 


fast and furious











The Fate of the Furious

(April 14th)

With the team split into different directions, Dom becomes vulnerable when a mysterious woman seduces him into a world of crime, causing him to betray those closest to him. Check out the 8th movie in the Fast and Furious series where the crew faces the ultimate test. 




The Handmaid's Tale, Season 1

 (April 26th)

Based on the book by Margaret Atwood, this new series is an adaptation of the dystopian story of women's subjugation. Check out Hulu for this new hit! 


grace and frankie 


Grace and Frankie, Season 3

(May 5th)

What do you do when your enemy's husband and your own fall madly in love together? These two women try to cope with their circumstances together while trying to mend an already strained relationship. 


house of cards


House of Cards, Season 5

(May 30th)

With Frank declaring an all-out war at the end of season 4, we can't bear to see what happens to the future of Washington. 


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