Top 10 Beach Bag EssentialsWhat’s in your beach bag?

You may have a ton of items in there - typical purse situation. Yet do you have beach bag essentials to have fun and look your best? It's always a struggle to have all the items you need but not feel bogged down with a heavy bag or overstuffed luggage. Here are 10 beach bag necessities that will ensure a good time by the ocean blue. 

iStock 000012373040SmallBeach Bag Essentials

  1. Beach towel
  2. Sun screen
  3. Flip flops
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Water (to spray and to drink)
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Deodorant
  8. SPF lip moisturizer
  9. Hair tie
  10. Portable music player/portable speaker for your smartphone

So now you know what you need to go to the beach beyond your swim suit or bikini. Have fun soaking up the sun! 

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