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square_plateAre Square Plates Effective for Portion Control?

Did you know that the size and shape of modern plates subconsciously encourages overindulgence? They cause you to eat larger portions of food than you should. Some dieters say round or oval plates make it easier to pile on more food, making it harder to manage portion sizes when on a diet, but that using a square plate for portion control is quite effective for problems most dieters face.

Some Dieters Say Yes, It Works!

Certain diet problems stem from a failure to cut down on your meal portions. Avid dieters suggest using square plates to help cut back on portion sizes because the plate surface space is limited. The square, sharp edges make piling food on your plate difficult and messy. This means food will slide off the sides, so keeping the meal in the center of the plate in smaller portions makes more sense, even if it sounds silly.

Using a square plate to control portion size tricks the mind into believing there’s more food, even when it’s the same amount, especially if you’re using smaller sized square plates. Square plates create an optical illusion. For example: you have a circular plate about ten inches in diameter. You place one spoonful of each course in a three-course meal on the plate, and it still looks empty. Naturally, you're compelled to add more food to the plate. If you used a square plate of a smaller size with the same amount of food, the plate would appear to be full and the desire to pile more food on would be eliminated.

The idea of using a square plate for portion control is as easy as changing your dinnerware. The question remains: what would stop a person from going back for second helpings? This is important since a dieter’s concern is satisfying their hunger until it's time to eat again. Can the optical illusion trick the stomach as well as it tricked the mind?

The answer varies, just like all the other diet remedies found on the Internet or in local drugstores. The most important factor in the effectiveness of square plates on portion control lies within the dieter and her own self-control. In simpler terms, if you're used to eating three times the recommended portion per serving, using a smaller square plate for portion control will be quite frustrating. In this case, you need self-control and gradual conditioning before square plates have an effect on portion control.

It goes without saying that you don’t need quick fixes and odd remedies to help you lose weight. Understanding that not every diet trick is useful for every woman, along with routine exercise and healthy eating, is the key to successful weight loss. If you think that your plate size and shape could make it easier for you to control the portions of food you eat, then you should make the dinnerware switch. It all boils down to the fact that you have to change your attitude about losing weight before you change dinnerware.

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