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Standing up and holding firm in your belief is definitely something we support at WomensForum. So, naturally, we love that our partner Algenist is launching an inspiring campaign we can really believe in. And it's something out of the ordinary and, dare we say, unapologetically bold for a skincare company! 

But first, a little about Algenist. They are responsible for the discovery and the creation of skincare that uses alguronic acid, which is derived from nutrient-rich microalgae. It makes a noticeable difference in the firmness, tone, and texture of your skin with ten minutes and an even bigger change in ten days. What's more, with their new #Standfirm initiative, Algenist isn't just changing the way we take of our skin, but about our outlook on the world. 

How To #StandFirm With Algenist 

Great skin is certainly fabulous on its own, but what's more important is the personality beneath the surface. Which is why we think Algenist's mission to #StandFirm is so amazing! StandFirm is an initiative that supports individuals and groups standing up for what they believe in and maintaining the values they personally hold. Here's their mission statement:

We believe in unwavering principles. 

 Only you dictate what you believe in – own it. 

Stay strong in your values, #StandFirm for your beliefs.  

Now, this is a beauty brand that we can get behind! It's not just about having great skin or even the technology and innovative spirit of Algenist, it's about doing something positive for the world and standing up for what you believe in as well. 

The #StandFirm campaign is the heart and soul of Algenist’s mission to be confident in one’s beliefs and principles, despite naysayers and adversities. “Our #StandFirm campaign supports Algenist’s mission of disruptive thinking, unmatched performance and new life for skin,” said chief executive officer Frederic Stoeckel. “We realize the power of confidence, passion and bravery, and put our full heart behind this campaign.”

To help promote and activate the #Standfirm message, Algenist is partnering with Free2Luv®, an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to rockin’ individuality, celebrating equality, spreading kindness and standing up to bullying through arts and entertainment. With a goal to empower, engage, and enlighten young people to be their true, authentic selves and know that they are perfect just the way they are, we think Free2Luv® and Algenist make for a pretty amazing partnership. Want to participate? Join the conversation and see who else is talking about how they #StandFirm with their nifty mosaic. 

If you're interested in trying Algenist products yourself, you should definitely know that as part of the #StandFirm campaign, Algenist is offering customers 10% off with a 10% donation to Free2Luv® at www.algenist.com from May 15 through May 30. Improve your skin and change the world at the same time. 




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