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Stand Up For Your Health

If you've heard the information proving that sitting at your desk for six hours a day can literally decrease your life span, then good news is at hand. Sitting has been linked to obesity and early mortality.  

Stand up for your health! A recent study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine cited that changing behaviors with standing can lead to reduced risks associated with sitting at work.  They recommend standing for 2 hours a day to start and encourage the use of tall desks and desk treadmills.  

The  research co-commissioned by Public Health England calls for a workplace revolution through use of sit-stand desks to avoid risks of a sedentary lifestyle.  They recommend standing for at least two hours per day and getting your bottom line out of the chair.

Other ways to get moving at the office:

  • Walk to a printer at another location
  • Pace while on the phone
  • Take the stairs
  • Go to the bathroom every two hours
  • Drink smaller bottles or cups of water so you have to get up and fill them more often 
  • Lean side to side in your chair and touch the floor
  • Push your chair away from your desk and walk back towards it


How long are you sitting at your desk each day?  Time to stand up and get moving. 


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