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With an abundance of talent existent throughout Hollywood, one dignified group of members stands above the rest: EGOT winners. This, of course, includes an exclusive list of artists who have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award. To this date, there are 12 people who have accomplished the feat, including Whoopi Goldberg, Audrey Hepburn, Helen Hayes, John Gielgud and Mel Brooks. But who’s next in line to join them? We decided to do a little digging and came up with a list of 10 artists who are just one award away from earning EGOT honors.


1. Al Pacino


A photo posted by Al Pacino (@al__pacino_official) on

Won: One Oscar, two Tonys and two Emmys

Needs: Grammy

Pacino won the 1993 Oscar for Best Actor for his role in “Scent of a Woman” and has also earned two Emmys: for his roles in “Angels in America” (2004) and “You Don’t Know Jack” (2010), as well as Tony Awards for “Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?” (1969) and “The Basic Training of Pavlov Hummel” (1977). Despite not being a musician or comedian, he was  nominated for a Grammy in 2001 for his voice work on the “The Complete Shakespeare Sonnets.” It seems that spoken word voice work may be the best route for Tony Montana to achieve EGOT status.

2. Frances McDormand

Won: One Oscar, Tony and Emmy

Needs: Grammy

McDormand took home the Oscar for Best Actress in 1997 for her role in “Fargo” and has also won a Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a play for her performance in “Good People,” as well as an Emmy for “Olive Kitteridge” (2015). With a unique speaking voice, like Pacino, perhaps the best possibility for a Grammy for McDormand would be in the spoken word category.

3. Jeremy Irons

Won: One Oscar, one Tony and three Emmys

Needs: Grammy

Continuing the trend of artists who seek a Grammy in order to become an EGOT member, Irons has won an Oscar for “Reversal of Fortune” (1990), a Tony for “The Real Thing” (1984) and three Emmys, including one for “Elizabeth I” (2006). However, Irons has done plenty of voice-over work, and could easily end up taking home a Grammy in spoken word as well.

4. Kate Winslet

Won: One Oscar, Grammy and Emmy

Needs: Tony

Winslet has won an Oscar for Best Actress in “The Reader” (2008), and has also taken home an Emmy for her performance in “Mildred Pierce” (2011), as well as a spoken-word Grammy for “Listen to the Storyteller” (2000). She still needs a Tony Award to round out her EGOT list; however, she has said that she will not do any theater until her 2-year-old son gets older.

5. Helen Mirren


A photo posted by Helen Mirren (@helenmirren_) on

Won: One Oscar, one Tony and four Emmys

Needs: Grammy

Yet another star who needs a Grammy to join the EGOT club, Mirren most recently took home a Tony for “The Audience” (2015), while previously winning an Oscar for “The Queen” (2007), as well as four Emmys, including one for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in “Elizabeth I” (2006). Although her reading of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Report on Torture was simply amazing, it wasn’t an actual audiobook, thus leaving Mirren to continue on her quest for a Grammy.

6. Cher

Won: One Oscar, Emmy and Grammy

Needs: Tony

Having won an Oscar for “Moonstruck” (1988), an Emmy for “Cher: The Farewell Tour” (2003) and a Grammy for “Believe” (2000), Cher just needs a Tony Award to achieve EGOT status. It’s been rumored for years that there’s a Broadway musical based on Cher’s life in the works, and Cher has said she could potentially play “Old Cher,” so if that ever happens we could easily see her taking home a Tony Award.

7. Ellen Burstyn


A photo posted by Fiorella Valdesolo (@fifival) on

Won: One Oscar, one Tony and two Emmys

Needs: Grammy

Burstyn owns an Oscar for Best Actress in “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (1974), a Tony for “Same Time, Next Year” (1975) and two Emmys, including one for “Political Animals” (2013). Despite being 83 years old, Burstyn shows no signs of slowing down, appearing in “House of Cards” and “Mom” within the past year. She was nominated for a Grammy once in the spoken-word category, so it’s entirely possible she could earn another nod.

8. Cynthia Nixon


A photo posted by Cynthia Nixon (@cnixon33) on

Won: One Tony, two Emmys and a Grammy

Needs: Oscar

The first person in need of an Oscar to appear on our list, Nixon has won a Tony Award for “Rabbit Hole” (2006), a Grammy for spoken word “An Inconvenient Truth” (2009) and two Emmys, including one for her role in “Sex and the City” (2004). However, Nixon is only 50 and is still delivering moving performances on the big screen, so there is still plenty of time for her to earn her first Oscar win.

9. James Earl Jones


A photo posted by James Earl Jones (@real_jim_jones) on

Won: Two Tonys, two Emmys and a Grammy

Needs: Oscar

If honorary Oscars counted, then Jones would already have graduated from this list. He’s won two Tony Awards, including one for “Fences” (1987), two Emmys, including one for “Heat Wave” and another for “Gabriel’s Fire” (both 1991), and a spoken-word Grammy for “Great American Documents” (1977). Jones has yet to win an official Oscar, though at 85 years old he is still doing work in films.

10. Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Won: Four Tonys, five Emmys and a Grammy

Need: Oscar

These two comedic geniuses won four Tony Awards and a Grammy for their original play, “The Book of Mormon” (2011), and have taken home five Emmys for their work on “South Park.” They are also no strangers to film, having made “Team America: World Police” and a full-length “South Park” movie. They have talked about adapting “The Book of Mormon” for the big screen, which we think could help them notch their Oscar.

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