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sexting-teenagers-more-likely-to-have-sexNew Study Says Sexter Teenagers are More Likely to Engage in the Real Thing.

According to a September 2012 study published in the online journal, Pediatrics, sexting teenagers are more likely to actually have sexSexting is the act of sending and receiving sexually explicit photos and messages via cellphones. What are the details of this sexting study? Does this mean if your teen is sexting then they are actually having sex? 

Sexting Teens Study 2012 

In Los Angeles, 1,800 plus students were involved in the 2012 texting study.

  • 15 percent of the 1,800 teens that used cellphones reported that they have sexted.
  • Teens who sexted were seven times more likely to engage in sexual activity and do it in an unsafe way.
  • More than half the teens involved reported knowing someone who sexts which, according to the study, meant those teens who knew someone who had sexted, were more likely to do it themselves.
  • In addition, teens who sext were found to be 1.5 times more likely to practice in unsafe sex.

If Your Teen Sexts, Are They Having Risky Sex?

It’s possible. But this study only covered teens in the Los Angeles area, not any other cities in the country. This means that the correlation for sexting and having sex may be lower elsewhere. Also, authors of the study noted that additional research and analysis needs to be completed before they draw a final conclusion. 

Parents should be aware of what sexting is and what their teens are doing with their cellphones. Also, if teens have friends who sext, they may feel pressured to do the same. So, parents should be aware of who their teens hang out with. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to talk to your teen about safe sex and sexting.

Overall, it’s hard to conclude that if your teen sexts that means they are more likely to have sex. But in a time with such advanced technology, talking with your teen may be what deters them from sexting and actually having sex. 

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