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ChristmasplannerWith the busy November and December coming up, stay organized with a neat Christmas planner!

You’ve probably survived plenty of Christmases without a planner but I promise, if you make a Christmas planner or buy one online, the upcoming months of November and December will go by way easier and ease your holiday stress.

A weekly planner can help you plan your holiday parties, Christmas cards, shopping, budget, and more! Either make your own planner or download the inserts. You could also go to a bookstore and buy a planner and turn it into a Christmas planner. Here’s how!

Build the Planner

  1. Buy a white binder with a place on the front for a cover.
  2. Make a cute cover that says, “Christmas Planner” on the computer, then print and insert on the front.
  3. Buy dividers at your local office supply store and write on the tabs: “Calendar,” “Décor,” “Cards,” “Gifts,” “Food,” “Budget,” and “Parties.”
  4. For the inside, you can look online for already-made Christmas planner inserts, make your own or turn store-bought ones into Christmas inserts.

Stay Organized This Christmas

It’s super easy to make a Christmas planner, and though you may think you can survive the holidays without it, you’ll be thankful once you have it! You can plan your home décor in this book. Or if you love making DIY crafts, this is a great place to write down all the supplies and directions you need.

If you love Christmas cards, you can keep track of names and addresses you want to send holiday cards to. For “Gifts,” sometimes it’s better to plan your gifts instead of just walk around the mall. Write down gift ideas for your friends, family and kids. Then when you go shop, you can get in and get out!

For “Food,” you can easily keep track of holiday recipes, what food you’re responsible for brining to holiday parties and what food you’ll make for your own holiday party. For “Parties,” you can easily plan out dates and times and what you need to bring.

For “Budget,” you can keep track of your finances. The holidays can get expensive so keep track of how much you’ll spend on gifts, foods and parties.

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