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staying-awake-at-the-office-headerGet a caffeine boost through snacks!

According to "The Goodman and Gilman Manual of Pharmacology and Therapeutics," caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world. Caffeine is used as a harmless, feel-good stimulant that we drink in our coffee most mornings. It's no wonder caffeinated products are booming in the market place...helping us to stay awake through our 9-5 jobs and on into the night!

1. Sunflower Seeds with Buzz. You may find the bees around the Sunflowers but that's not what keeps these sunflower seeds buzzing. Sumseeds® Energized Sunflower Seeds have 140mg of caffeine in each bag, plus energy components taurine, lysine and ginseng. That's equivalent of approximately 2 energy drinks or 2 large cups of coffee.  At only a $1.00/bag you may drop the "Joe" and pick up the seeds. Five flavors available (Original Salted, Honey BBQ, Dill Pickle, Tangy Ranch, Salt & Pepper) www.sumseeds.com

2. Go Nuts! Almonds are a great go-to snack in the office but these Hyper-Nutz® Energy Almonds energize in with 190mg of caffeine in each bag. With flavors including Salted, Honey Roast and Sweet Onion, these put the zing in your afternoon zap. www.hyper-nutz.com.

3. The Easter Bunny.  He would be with the Extreme Sport Beans from Jelly Belly. These sweet Easter treats are great for any pre-race push, with 50 mg of caffeine. Sport Beans Energizing Jelly Beans are formulated to help fuel the body during intense exercise.Carbohydrates to fuel your body during intense activity. They also contain electrolytes, potassium and carbohydrates that can energize your emails at the office.

4. Hyper Hydrate. Hydrive Energy water boasts water with a kick. With only 30 calories and caffeine to boost, there are added nutrients and refreshing flavors including an Active Forumla/Lemon Lime Rush to Extra Power/Blue Raspberrry. Seven flavors in their offering all with a different flavor and feature.  

But caffeine is not the thing that can energize your afternoon. Peppermint oils on your temple and wrists or just smelling the oil can enhance your focus.  Or try a free ten minute walk outside. You'll burn some calories and be ready to take on the second half of your day. 

If you have any health or fitness related questions, please feel free to reach out on my Facebook page: Facebook.com/AndreametcalfHealth or email me directly at Andrea@womensforum.com.

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