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Do It Yourself With Care

  • Prior to starting any project requiring lifting, consider safety first. Walkway stepping stones and pavers are heavy.
  • Make sure that you are always lifting with your legs and get help if you have any issues with back strength.
  • You could also wear a protective belt for back safety.  They are available at most home improvement
  • If you have several pallets of stone, make sure that they are placed as close to the work site as possible when they are delivered.
  • Wearing a weight belt might be a good idea also. If you are going to have to cut some of the stone to fit (which usually happens) make sure that you are wearing adequate eye protection.
  • Tell children to play in some other area. If you are going to allow small children to help, make sure that they are carrying small stones to protect them from injury.

Mark off the path before you do anything else. Determine the approximate length and width so that you can by the proper amount of material for your stepping stone walkway.  These days most people are going to choose stone pavers, which come in a large variety of colors and shapes. These are easy to work with because they are uniform.

If you want a more rustic look when building a real stone garden path you can go to a store that sells stone and pick out what you will need. The difficulty with this is in matching the various rocks. But, if you are creative this the result will be a one of a kind endeavor.

  1. After you have the path marked and the stone purchased, you will need to dig a trench that is a little deeper than the stones are thick.
  2. Make sure that the ground is fairly level (you can rent a commerciall tamper at most garden stores) and then cover the bottom with gravel.
  3. Either use a tamper to make sure that you have a smooth base by smoothing with a rake and then a shovel and check how even the base is using a level or a 2 x 4.
  4. Next add about an inch or two of sand to the gravel base. Smooth this out with a rake, and then start your first course of stones.
  5. Use stakes and some line if you have a set pattern, or just make it up as you go along.
  6. Make sure the stone fits close together but does not overlap.
  7. Finish by shoveling sand onto the top of the stones until all of the cracks are full.
  8. A good idea is to hose with a good watering to help dispel loose sand and soil and set the rock.
  9. Allow to seep and dry before sweeping off the excess sand.

Behold, you have a new, home made stepping stone walkway that will serve you for years to come.

This tutorial on how to build a stepping stone walkway may sound simplistic, but it is really just that easy. It is a project that will take less than a weekend from start to finish, and it will permanently add to the beauty of your home.

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