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After a long and educational morning, there's nothing worse for your kids than opening that brown paper bag to see a chaotic collage of food items. Food breaking free from plastic wrappers and escaping plastic baggies can be an appetite killing mess.

A haphazardly packaged lunch is one unfortunate shift of the backpack away from ruin. Failure to take the necessary precautions can result in a disastrous amount of hunger and crankiness.

Follow these 5 lunchbox prep ideas to keep your kids and their tummies happy!


1. The more delicious ingredients added to the sandwich, the more unstable it becomes. When freed from its baggie bonds, the meal's main course can quickly turn into a sloppy mess. Pack simple sandwiches. 

2. The wetter the bread, the easier it slithers away from its plastic confines. Keep the condiments and tomatoes held safely between a barrier of meat and cheese and the bread will retain it's dry and natural form. 

3. Wrap up sandwiches so that what is within won't slip out! A hard sealed container can keep a sandwich from hitting other parts of the meal. but does little to keep the sandwich itself together during hectic runs from class to class. Wrapping the sandwich in parchment paper adds another step for you but will ensure your child's sandwich's structural integrity throughout the day!

4. What you stack and where you stack it can make or break a successful lunch. Items with the highest disaster potential, such as juice, yogurt, or pudding, need to be placed on top of bulkier items or in a separate pocket entirely. Packing the lunch apart from text books makes backpack food explosions less likely. No apple sauce all over that geography book!

5. Press & seal it. Solve the lost lid problem with the "hard to lose" plastic wrap. While plastic container lids are harder to keep track of than socks, plastic wrap containers are usually right at hand. So grab some wrap to cover lunch containers. 

 Stephanie Manley with CopyKat.com show us how easy it is to use and how sturdy the new wrap can be:

Like many disasters, common sense is the best mode of prevention.

Be thoughtful with how you construct a sandwich and package its sides. Eliminate potential problems and your kids will never face the disappointment of a ruined lunch!

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