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Stocking Stuffers for Pets

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stocking-stuffers-for-pets-1Pets deserve a treat for the holidays, too.

Pets are part of the family too. They deserve to take part in the holidays even if they know not what it means. You can’t leave them out of the gift-giving season. Pets can’t really verbalize their ‘thank yous’ but that’s no reason they can't have their own stocking fully stuffed with pet goodies. Every member of the family should have a holiday stocking, even your bird Sammy. If you haven’t any ideas for pet stocking stuffers, here are a few stocking stuffers for pets.

 stocking-stuffers-for-pets-2Pet Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  • Pet collar with name: Your dog, cat, etc. can get their own piece of pet jewelry with their name engraved or stitched. Petco has cutesy collars like their jeweled nylon dog collar to make your pet the hot shot on the street. It’s a sweet gift for the smallest member of the family.
  • Treats: Kids like candy, women like diamonds, men like sport tickets and pets like treats. Stuff the pet’s stocking with the treat that keeps on giving.
  • Doggy bone: A dog can never have too many bones!
  • Toys: You can get your ferret a few Petco fuzz balls and a wagon wheel, your bird a set of planet pleasures caterpillar, your cat a fuzzy mice, your fish some new tank decor, and your dog a bouncing spiny toy. Toys have endless options. Choose one toy for every pet in the house.

You know what your pets like, so shop according to his or her personality. Visit the Petco Crazy about Pets Gift Guide for some fantastic ideas and gifts that your pet won’t resist. Petco is the place to shop for a gift to your pet.

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