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stores_with_student_discountsHow To Take Advantage of Student Discounts

For very little effort and a little outlay of money, you can save hundreds of dollars a year as a student! There is a surprisingly wide range of student discounts available on goods and services from haircuts to airfares all over your town and all over the Internet. Apple offers student discount prices on computers and software. Amazon.com has back-to-school specials on clothing and shipping. There are so many stores with student discounts because they hope you will become a long-term customer when you graduate.

Student ID Discounts

Businesses may ask for your "@.edu" email account to qualify and will want to see your student ID card. The International Student Identity Card (ISIC), about $22 a year, offers student discounts on travel at home and abroad and deals on hotels, rental cars and dining. The International Student Exchange card (ISE), about $25 a year, has a wider selection of student discounts than ISIC and offers medical benefits and worldwide assistance for travelers along with a host of deals at museums, hostels, etc. The Student Advantage Card, about $20 a year, gets you student discounts from 15% to 40% at Verizon, Target, Foot Locker, Office Depot, Greyhound Bus, Pearle Vision, AT&T and many other outlets. STA Travel promotes themselves as the world's largest student and youth travel agency, claiming their rates "beat any price." All of these charge for your eligibility card, but this expenditure is returned many times over in the savings the card will bring throughout the year.

Student Discount Sites

 The following list of student discount sites is just the tip of the iceberg to help you begin your fun student discount research. These will get you started on your quest to reduce your expenditures and make your student budget more healthy.

  • academicsuperstore.com
  • campustech.com
  • gradware.com
  • isecard.com
  • nextstudent.com
  • statravel.com
  • studentadvantage.com
  • studentuniverse.com
  • studica.com
  • journeyed.com

The Student Discount—like found money

Not until you become a senior citizen will you have so many choices and opportunities for discounts again. It's best to take advantage of your status now while you can. The monetary savings with student discounts will not only provide you with extra funds for treats or necessities, but will also give you that sense of satisfaction at having scored a deal. It’s like found money!

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