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apinapple_allergySerious Problems with Everyday Foods

Unusual food allergies are popping up everywhere these days. While food allergies appear to be on the rise, it is quite possible that they have always been this prevalent and are being detected far more accurately now than they once were. In particular, there is more known about symptoms of unusual food allergies.

Unusual Food Allergies

There is a rise in the detection and identification of allergies to very common foods. One example of these is the rise in wheat, or more specifically, gluten allergies. The symptoms of this, as with other strange food allergies, are varied and can be extreme. These symptoms can include chronic indigestion, acid reflux, eczema, edema, skin rashes, insomnia, headaches, and inability to feel full. Other symptoms that people rarely recognize as being related to food allergies are behavioral in nature.

There are many children that are misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or even Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), when in fact they are suffering from an allergic reaction to food. Once the food culprit is identified and removed from the child's diet, family and teachers often report that it is like being around a completely different child. These reactions can occur from ingesting things such as dairy milk, sugar, honeydew melon, yeast, or even pineapple. Although it appears on the surface that such items could be easily avoided, that is not necessarily the case. Upon reading the nutritional information labels on packaged foods, many parents are surprised to find out just how many items contain these allergens. Meat allergies prove to be incredibly complex. Some have noticed that while the meat itself may not be causing the problem, one of the many additives that are used with meat is to blame.

When cutting a specific item out of the diet, it is necessary to make sure that it is completely excluded in order for all of the symptoms of allergic reaction to disappear. Being allergic to dairy means cutting out all dairy products, even cheese and yogurt. Some rare food allergies may require a highly specialized diet in order to properly control them. Strange food allergies can prove to be a lifestyle changing condition. Food allergies do not go away or lessen with time in most cases, though some children can "outgrow" certain food allergies. In fact, adult food allergies may even become worse over the course of a lifetime.

At one time, it was extremely uncommon for someone to be severely allergic to particular foods. What was once considered strange food allergies are no longer viewed as being out of the ordinary at all. Having a peanut allergy was, for a long time, almost unheard of. Many schools have now opted to be peanut-free zones because of the rising number of children that are severely allergic to peanuts and peanut products. Foods that are processed in the same facilities with peanuts may provide just enough of the allergen to set off a very serious reaction, one that could even result in death. Peanuts are not the only items getting this reaction; they are merely popular examples. What is behind the rise in food allergies is unclear. One thing that is very clear is that everyone needs to have a heightened awareness about the growing problem and how it can affect each individual person.

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