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STUDENt-stress-relievers2We all know high school can be rough. Help your teen relieve some of the high school stress this school year.

High school is full of stress. Stress from parents, teachers, grades and social situations are abundant, especially for freshmen entering a new school.

Here are a few ways to help reduce teen stress by having your high schooler relax a little and grip their pencils a little less tight in math class.

1. Study Breaks

Let your teen have study breaks. The mind works better in multiple, shorter sessions than in one long-winded session. Have your teen work on homework or study for their upcoming English test for an hour and then give them a 20-minute study break. Not only will they better absorb that hour worth of information, but they also get 20 minutes to relax and do something they enjoy like listening to music, going on the internet, or playing a short video game.

2. Set a Weekend Plan

Freaking out about how much homework your teen has left on Sunday night isn’t ideal. Depending on how much homework your high schooler has for a particular weekend, set out a plan. Hanging out with friends on Friday and Saturday night is fine, of course, but try having your teen sit down in the late morning on Saturday so it isn’t a frantic rush to finish everything after family dinner on Sunday.

3. Create a Designated Study Space

If your teen spends a lot of time in their bedroom on the computer or doing other more relaxing activities, let them keep that as their safe space. Don’t let the schoolwork enter their “realm.” Maybe even have them keep their backpack and books in another part of the house so they can’t look at them and worry about all their future assignments while they’re falling asleep. Create a quiet but comfortable space in the house where your high schooler can do their work and not feel isolated, but also won’t be distracted.


Try these tips out at home for student stress reduction and maybe you’ll have a more relaxed and pleasant teenager this school year.

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