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study-finds-men-are-more-narcissistic-than-womeAll those gender stereotypes about men being more self-entitled than women? Basically, they're true. A study published in March's issue of Psychological Bulletin has found that men are more self-absorbed and narcissistic than women.

Scientists from the University at Buffalo School of Management analyzed over 475,000 people over 31 years to discover the comprehensive data they have today. 

They found that men consistently scored higher in a test that measures narcissism. The test was broken up into three different portions in regards to narcissism which analyzed leadership/authority, entitlement and exhibitionism. 

Statements like, "If I ruled the world, it would be a much better place," were on the test. There were the biggest gaps between men and women in the leadership and entitlement categories which suggests that men feel as if they are entitled to privileges. Age had no effects on the test scores.

However, men and women both scored equally on the exhibitionist portion. This means that "both genders are equally likely to display vanity or self-absorption," Emily Grijalva, the lead author, said. 

The study concludes that it is likely that the narcissism gap differs due to ingrained societal gender stereotypes. From a young age, people are learning gender stereotypes and in large, it changes human behavior and expectations. 

"Individuals tend to observe and learn gender roles from a young age, and may face backlash for deviating from society’s expectations," Grijalva said of the study. "In particular, women often receive harsh criticism for being aggressive or authoritative, which creates pressure for women, more so than for men, to suppress displays of narcissistic behavior."

Share the study with your husband, boyfriend, partner, and all male friends to raise awareness!

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