They say fashion rules were made to be broken, but apparently not everyone is up for the challenge.

With white on white and patterns galore trending among the best in the fashion world, a new study has shown that people prefer balance in their wardrobe. People studied the art of color coordination, and the results are not in favor of current fashionistas. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon, University of North Carolina and Duke asked 239 people to study drawings of outfits for both men and women, according to Elle.

The outfits were presented in 30 different color combinations. The survey reportedly found that participants felt coordinated outfits matched too well, or they were too "matchy-matchy." 

But don't go pairing non-matching items together now, because participants didn't like those either. The study found that people felt that clashing items also clashed too much.


Plaid and polk-a-dots? Black on black? An orange pantsuit? Apparently, participants thought these were style no-nos. (Many style icons might disagree)

Researchers attributed their findings to a phenomenon known as the Goldilocks Principle. Apparently, people like their clothing to be "just right" when it comes to coordination. 

While most in the fashion world would disagree with the participants of the study, it also shows why those willing to step outside the balanced box are the ones leading the fashion world with innovation and boldness.

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