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New research suggests there’s zero correlation between taking vitamins and better health.

Let’s face it. We’re health nuts. We drink green machine smoothies, eat organically and we take vitamins. However, a new study says taking vitamins may actually not do anything to make us healthier. Experts estimate that half of Americans take some sort of vitamin everyday but, we may just be suckers. 

Two studies were done at Harvard University and National Institutes of Health and they found zero correlation between taking vitamins and better health because of it. Read on before you pop another multi-vitamin.

According to Psychological Science, taking vitamins may even work against us. People pop a vitamin and assume they’ve done something healthy. After that, they feel they’ve done their healthy thing for the day, and then often partake in unhealthy behaviors for the rest of it.

Experts call it "moral licensing." We've all been there - "I am totally allowed to eat this piece of 5 layer chocolate cake because I had a light salad for dinner."

Well, you’re not alone and this kind of thinking can get vitamin-takers into trouble.

Other studies found that taking a daily multivitamin didn't ward off any heart problems or memory loss issue, and wasn't tied to a longer life span. In fact, high doses can cause harm. Sure, it would be great if everything could be solved with a little pill, but you’re probably better off getting the nutrients you need from foods. Plus, nutrients are better absorbed through natural consumption.

If your doctor has told you to take vitamins for a specific health problem, by all means, continue to do so but if you’re doing it because you think you should, you may be doing yourself a disservice.


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