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study-gluten-sensitivity-not-in-the-wheat-videoNew research found a link between gluten and insect repellent.  

For many people, the growing awareness of gluten intolerance has spread like wildfire. And, product offerings have skyrocketed to the shelves because of it. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and related grain species. The inability to break down this protein has been touted as a gluten intolerance that can lead to a more serious condition: celiac disease.



With that said, many Americans experience bloating, nausea, pain and irritable bowel symptoms when ingesting wheat or other grain related products. However, a new study released from researchers at the University of Guttenberg found some surprising new evidence.

They found that many people may be intolerant to another protein linked to the wheat that comes from a pesticide. This protein is called Adenosine Triphosphate Amylase and it is used to repel insects.

The protein has helped increase the supply of crops and may be related to the increase in people who believe to be gluten intolerant. It's noted that more research is still needed. The study's lead author stated "the study is very new and more clinical trials are needed." 

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