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According to a new study, If you listen to your man and are aware of his feelings, you could appear more sexually attractive to him. 

The study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, found that after just meeting, men were more likely to be sexually attracted to a woman who was responsive, meaning she was aware of what men are thinking and feeling, or just listened to them. Interestingly enough, men perceived responsive women as more feminine.

One of the authors of the study, Dr. Gurit Birnbaum, said that responsiveness could indicate which women the men would view as long-term partners vs. short-term hookups.

"A responsive partner may be perceived as warm and caring, and, therefore, a desirable long-term partner," Dr. Birnbaum said. 

Three experiments were conducted to examine why men prefer responsive women. They examined between 80 and 161 undergrad students and had them talk with a student of the opposite sex, either in person or online. The students described a difficult experience, such as failing an exam, and the other listened and responded.

At the end of each experiment, the students rated their partners on scales such as responsiveness, attractiveness and masculinity or femininity. And what do you know, the men agreed- caring and listening is sexy! But what did the women think?

The study's findings dispute the common notion that as women we want a partner who listens to us and understands our feelings. Some women saw a man's responsiveness as a sign that he would be a desirable partner, but others suspiciously viewed it as a maneuver to manipulate them into sex.

Many women also thought that responsiveness wasn’t manly, and therefore not sexy.

What do you make of these findings? Do you prefer a partner who is more responsive, or do you distrust their intentions? Let us know your thoughts!  

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