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Don’t have the best memory? No problem, because your partner can help you fill in the blanks! A new study recently found that couples together remember more details and events than the individual partners could recall by themselves.

The British Psychological Society conducted the study and found that together, couples are just as capable at recalling lists and similar tasks as individual partners. 

The biggest finding of the study, however, was that together the couples were able to recall memories that the individual partner could not. It seems like there’s something to that idea of a couple so in love that they finish each other’s sentences! The study also found that the longer couples were together, the more vivid the memories became. 

Proving that two brains are better than one, the interaction the researchers spotted when couples were asked to remember vacations together was truly interesting. By simply talking things over, couples were able to remember snippets they couldn't remember individually.

And together, they formed more detailed descriptions of their shared experiences. Though past studies have suggested that collective recall doesn't work as well as individual recall, long-term relationships may provide an exception to the rule. 

The findings seemed to be linked to increased intimacy in a couple. For example, older couples may depend on each other for recall which could be why when cognitive function deteriorates in one partner, the other often experiences the same thing.

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