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study-shows-instagram-can-help-you-lose-weightSocial media could be your new weight loss solution, says a recent study. 

Put away your weight loss diet pills and pull out your smartphone because a recent study shows that Instagram and Pinterest could help you lose weight. If you just look at photos of food on Instagram and Pinterest, it will make food and eating less appealing.

Funny... pictures of food usually make my mouth water.


Instagram and Pinterest Study 

At Brigham Young University, researchers studied 232 people’s reaction to food on Instagram and Pinterest. Half of the people were shown pictures of salty foods and the other half shown sweet foods. They then rated the pictures. After, they ate salty foods and it was found that the salty snack was less satisfying to the people who were shown the photos than the people who were shown sweet foods.

Sources say that you have to look at a large amount of food photos for this to take place. So, your basically getting tired of the image, therefore, you don’t desire that food and when you do taste it, it isn’t as satisfying as it would be if you didn’t see a photo. The test subjects looked at at least 60 photos of food before eating. 

So, whip out your tablet and peruse your recent updates from Instagram and Pinterest because according to this study, it could help get rid of that belly.

Be sure to stare at pics of Tiramisu; nothing more indulgent than that!


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