Style-a-bridesmaid-dress-3-different-waysNo one likes to spend money on an expensive dress that ends up collecting dust in the closet. Here are some tips for getting more use out of your bridesmaid dress!

We can all relate with Katherine Heigl's "27 Dresses" character: We get the exciting news that we are chosen to be part of the wedding party, seek out and shell out for the perfect bridesmaid dress, and have a blast at the wedding. But, where does that bridesmaid dress end up? At the back of your closet. It will always look like a bridesmaid's dress, right? WRONG.

Follow these six styling tips below to get your already beautiful, expensive, memorable dress out of the closet and into your life. Whether it is for work, weekend, or a night out on the town, we've got some options for getting that dress a second wind. 

Last May, I had the honor of wearing this Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dress for my best friend's wedding in Chicago. I chose to style it since champagne and blush have been such popular choices in recent wedding seasons.
Plus, I love my dress and want to wear it again and again and again...

Re-Wear Your Bridesmaid Dress

  1. Change the neckline by adding a tight t-shirt or long-sleeve underneath which makes it more appropriate for functions such as work or church, and makes it appear less formal. 
  2. Colorblock to modernize and partake in one of this year's biggest trends by adding the same complimentary color in some combination of a layering top, shoes or accessories (i.e. belt, necklace, purse, bracelets). Black and white are always a safe bet.
  3. Layer with a casual blouse in flowy, simple fabrics to tone down the shiny fabric and add ease for a perfect weekend look.
  4. Mix in textures and embellishments such as fringe, studs, baubles, or metal with your accessories, shoes, or top to create a visually interesting outfit.
  5. Modify the skirt structure by layering a form fitted blouse or tank on top to achieve the always flattering drop waist silhouette and to minimize the fullness of the A-line skirt.
  6. Add leather to decrease the girliness and increase the edginess, perfect for a night out with your friends or a date night with your husband or boyfriend.
  7. Bonus: Switch up your hair and makeup! A sleek ponytail, a red lip, bombshell waves, or natural makeup all portray a different persona, so have fun with it!

This article is a guest piece from contributing writer Megan Welsh. Megan is the blogger behind The Thread Affect, a personal lifestyle blog incorporating all the important aspects of her life including personal style, travel and recipes. She prides herself on finding designer quality items for affordable prices and mixing and matching individual pieces to create fresh new outfits. She loves to combine classic, timeless pieces with trendier, "of-the-moment" items to keep her looks fresh and modern.

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