style-commandments-thou-shalt-go-forth-and-shop-wisely-video-headerStyle expert, Lawrence Zarian, reveals the secret to a smooth shopping excursion.

What is the secret to a smooth and successful shopping trip? It’s taking stock of your existing wardrobe and checking things out on-line ahead of time. Lawrence Zarian, the Fashion Guy, tells us more about making your shopping experiences worth while.


Style Commandments: Shopping Wisely

Lawrence Zarian is making over America - one woman at a time. He says every woman needs to learn how to be their own personal shopper. When a stylist goes out shopping, they have a game plan and limit it to only one or two items they are shopping for.

Step 1: Check your wardrobe. Make sure you don’t duplicate any items in your closet.

Step 2: Go shopping at a large department store that has a number of different designers.

Step 3: When you know what you’re buying, pull out those two pieces and try them on at the fitting room. Choose what suits you, your style, and your shape.

Shopping wisely is all about having a plan, sticking to it and scoring the perfect outfit!

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