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  • Style Snapshots From The Campaign Trail: Male Candidates

    Style Snapshots From The Campaign Trail: Male Candidates

    We all know that there are quite a few stylish female politicians, but what about the men? Just because they all wear suits doesn't mean they don't have some style. Here are some style snapshots of the top male candidates and a little peek at their signature look.  

    Photo Credit: Splash


  • Marco Rubio, Republican

    Marco Rubio, Republican

    Although he garnered followers for his policies, Marco Rubio's clean-shaven looks and classic Republican candidate style has gotten him some extra votes. 


    Photo Credit: Splash 

  • Jeb Bush, Republican

    Jeb Bush, Republican

    Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is best known for being a part of the Bush presidential family, but his no-jacket style is starting to become a part of his repertoire.  

    Photo Credit: Splash

  • Bernie Sanders, Democrat

    Bernie Sanders, Democrat

    This statesman loves to sport graphic printed ties that pair well with his white hairdo. 

    Photo Credit: Splash

  • Donald Trump, Republican

    Donald Trump, Republican

    As well all know, Donald Trump prefers the finer things in life. When if comes to his neckties, he favors expensive bright silks and Republican reds. 

    Photo Credit: Splash

  • Ben Carson, Republican

    Ben Carson, Republican

    Ben Carson's perfectly groomed goatee is a constant in the politician's style, while the color of his ties tend to flip flop depending on the situation.

    Now that you've seen these candidates' signature style, read up on why they wear these looks. 

    Photo Credit: Splash

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