Style Songs for October1Anyone else get ready with tunes blasting?

I can't be the only one! Depending on where I'm going and what I'm wearing, I'll play certain songs. Here are my faves for October 2013 along with what style they convey to me--let me know what you think of them and what you're wearing this October!


1. Girls -- The 1975

This is my new favorite band, hands-down. These super-cool British dudes hail from Britain and if you haven't listened to them yet, get on it! "Girls" is their latest music video and I just love it--such a great getting-ready song. Last weekend I had it on repeat while getting ready for the Akira Fashion Show, and to me, it's fun (hence my temporary purple hair!) and edgy (leather skirt) at once.

2. The Wire -- HAIM

HAIM is a band composed of sisters from LA and it makes sense that their songs are happy, relaxed and sort of hippie-esque...they're great to listen to while sitting in a coffee shop reading a magazine of a book. This song is from their new album "Days Are Gone," and, if it were an outfit, I'd go with a cool vintage denim jacket, boots and paisley dress. Keep the hair simple and voila, you're ready!

3. Buzzcut Season -- Lorde

I feel like Lorde exploded overnight--and duh, she's amazing, so it's no surprise! Though she's been performing "Royals" all over the place, "Buzzcut Season" off her new album "Pure Heroine" is just awesome. I'm a big fan of all-black in the right situation and this song is definitely it--pair some black tights with a cool long-sleeved black dress, black booties and a flowery black headband. How cool are you?

4. Still Into You -- Paramore

This song has been around since spring but recently started climbing the iTunes charts--thank God, because it's awesome! Such a happy-sounding tune! The music video pretty much says it all--pair a funky graphic tee with some acid-washed denim and you're set. Feeling adventurous? Why not go with the pink hair? Fashion is supposed to be fun, right?!

5. Burn -- Ellie Goulding

Ohhh, Ellie. Do you ever disappoint us?! No, never, is the answer. Most of Ellie's music videos feature cool lighting and an ethereal, dusky quality so when I picture an outfit to pair with thing song, I'm thinking something easy to dance in paired with gold statement jewelry. Don't forget the free-flowing hair--need that to dance with!


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