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sugary-soda-causes-strokeShocking New Study Reveals the True Dangers of Sugary Soft Drinks.

A new study published in the American Journal of Nutrition reveals that people who drink more than one can of sugar sweetened soda a day are at an elevated risk for stroke. Sugar sweetened beverages are largely blamed for increased incidence of obese people suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol and dangerous heart disease. Soda is the most common sugar-sweetened beverage that is negatively affecting health and the calories in soda and high amount of high fructose corn syrup are directly linked to heightened stroke and heart attack risk. 

Soda Intake and Health Risks

Sugary carbonated soda often adds to the detriment of health in overweight and obese people. While the calories in soda often add to weight gain, it isn’t only the calories in soda that are dangerous, the high levels of high fructose corn syrup are directly linked to increased risk of stroke, heart attack and high cholesterol. Soda beverages are particularly dangerous because of the appeal that sugar sweetened beverages have on children. Children who become obese before adulthood have many more years for their hearts to deal with the burden of obesity and that burden is negatively affecting their health and drastically increasing stroke risk and heart problems. Soda intake is exceptionally high particularly in children and that increased intake is causing dangerous spikes of insulin and blood sugar, which lead to weight gain and health risks. 

Effects of Soda 

Soda consumption has peaked in recent years and obesity rates reflect that. Added sugars, extra calories, and dangerous levels of high fructose corn syrup are the direct cause of an increase in stroke risk and heart attack risk. So why do we keep drinking so much soda? Well the amount of soda needed to amp up your health risk isn’t as much as you might think. Even people who drink only one sugar-sweetened beverage a day have increased health risks. So what can we do to lower our risk? 

Lower Health Risks 

The American Heart Association recommends that obese and overweight people avoid sugar-sweetened and carbonated sodas all together. Soda intake isn’t the only culprit adding to the stroke risk, sweetened tea, energy drinks, high sugar juices and super sweet coffee drinks also add to risk of stroke and heart disease. For healthy individuals a little bit of soda intake is acceptable but the American Heart Association recommends that individuals consume no more than three sugar-sweetened beverages a week. That’s right a week. Your health is worth the sacrifice and after a few days without the carbonated beverages with added sugars, you probably won’t even miss them!

Take care of yourself and limit your intake of carbonated beverages with added sugars. Lower your stroke risk and heart attack risk…because soda isn’t worth shortening your life for.  

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