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Enjoy your cocktails without the calories

School is out, the sun is shining, and you are ecstatic that summer is finally here. Warm month schedules means less rushing for the bus or to after school activities. There will be more time to hang with family and friends! That means BBQs, backyard parties, really any excuse to gather with a group and eat yummy food and sip on delicious drinks, especially fun when the drinks are made “light” so you can enjoy your cocktails without the calories.

Many drinks are notoriously high in calories. To women who have been working so hard all winter and spring to achieve their bikini body goal, having a sip just doesn’t seem worth it. No worries, you will be happy to know that there are lots of classic drink recipes as well as variations that allow you to enjoy your cocktails without the calories. We have done our research and found 5 drinks you can enjoy this summer and not feel guilty because of their low calorie count!

All drinks listed below fall under 150 calories and are super refreshing, perfect for a summer night. Because these drinks are classic, they can be ordered when you are out at a restaurant, over at a friend’s house, or home mixing your own.

You can also check out some of our favorite websites like thewebtender.com, drinkmixer.com, foodandwine.com and more to add a kick of a favorite flavor or twist to change it up a bit - obviously checking to see what you’ve added doesn’t add much to the calorie count.


Low Calorie Cocktails

  • Gin and Tonic (4 oz.)
    Calories: 100-120
  • Vodka Soda (1 oz. of vodka)
    Calories: 64-80
  • Rum and Diet Coke (6 oz.)
    Calories: 60-65
  • Cosmopolitan (3 oz.)
    Calories: 150
  • Mojito (6 oz.)
    Calories: 150
  • Tequila and fresh lime juice (1 oz. tequila)
    Calories: 65
  • Champagne (4 oz. serving)
    Calories: 84 calories


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