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17642 Five Minute Summer Entryway Header
Being good at home decor is one of those things that seems like a simple skill to pick up, but it can actually be incredibly complex to learn to do well. Pinterest, design blogs, and magazines give us great ideas for amazing spaces, but who has the time or the money to recreate your dream living room that you found in Better Homes and Gardens or hunt down and buy everything from your "dream house" Pinterest board? 

Changing up the decor in your house seasonally doesn't have to be time-consuming or complicated. Swapping out small accessories or adding key pieces can take your space from blah to brilliant. Need more detail? We have the answer to your decorating dilemmas with our five-minute home makeovers. 

Transform Your Entryway

Make a great first impression with guests to your home by transforming your entryway. If you begin with a great skinny table or desk, you only need to change out a few key items to take the space from season to season. Keep everything from each season in a box together to make it easier to find exactly what you're looking for when it's time to switch.

Here are the seven key places to make easy changes:

17642 Numbered Entryway Photo


Now you can change your front entry to a functional and fabulous place to welcome guests and summer! 

17642 NumberOne Flip Flop Basket

Shoes seem to be the hardest thing to manage in any space. Everyone in your family somehow owns a million shoes and they always end up right in the path of the door. Use a cute wicker basket to store flip flops and sandals. Place an old placemat, baking sheet or front door mat at the bottom to collect dirt and sand. At the end of the season, pull it out and toss all the grime that's collected. We've also added a cute chalkboard sign (chalkboards are very in right now) that can be purchased at any craft or dollar store.

17642 NumberTwo Fill a Vase

You see these large glass vases at your favorite stores like Marshalls, Target and HomeGoods, but you're not really sure what to do with them. The answer is you can either let your imagination run wild or buy vase stuffers. That's rightyou can purchase boxes of "stuff" like lemons to fill those large vases. Here, we decorated the vase with sea shells, which could be a fun activity throughout the summer for you and your kidsevery time you hit the beach, bring back a shell or two to remind you of the summer. If you're not beach people, then rocks, concert tickets or fresh flowers from your garden could even work. It's your space, make it you!

17642 NumberThree

 Draw Up Some Artwork 

Making your own word art can be extravagant and time-consuming, but we've made it simple. Here we've used chalkboard paper, found a phrase we liked that represented summer, wrote it in chalk, then framed it. Freeform it, or use a ruler to measure your lines. Use alphabet stickers if you're afraid of your own handwriting, but we think writing it yourself adds more character.

17642 NumberFour

 Build Some Height

One of the keys to building a good-looking space is to add items of different heights. An easy way to add some height is to place some books under a lamp. A lamp adds some warmth (and possibly much-needed light) to a small space like a front entryway. Show off your favorite books or browse resale book shops for unique titles. This cool vase has an open bottom and a clear base so you can add things to it. Remember those vase stuffers from #2? Use them here, too! Or find a funky winter scarf that you can repurpose for the summer months. 

17642 NumberFive

 Add a Tray

That beautiful seasonal tray you've been eyeing at T.J.Maxx? Buy it! And use it as a key and mail holder on your front entryway table. This is probably the easiest way to change up your decor each season, since it requires very little effort on your part (you just have to decide which designs you're going to buy!). 

17642 NumberSix

 A Place for Bags

You and your family are always on the run, and you never know where your bag is. Add a small end table or chair next to your entryway table and make it your designated purse station. Or create a "go bag" for your family to take to baseball games, family outings, or trips to the park and leave it on this table. So when you're rushing out the door, just grab the bag and know you have all the essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, granola bars, or first-aid supplies with you at all times.

17642 NumberSeven

 Summer Fun

Last but not least, add some cute seasonal items to your table like American flag pillows or wooden stars. It doesn't have to be expensive, as many dollar bins usually have cute stuff to pick from. And it doesn't have to be elaborate, as you can see from the setup we created. 

Check out the whole transformation here:

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