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Alanna Wall shines not only with her creativity and sense of style, but also her leadership and compassion. The way that Alanna combined her strengths to create a charity that encourages other kids to give back inspired WomensForum to highlight her as one of our Awesome Girls changing the world, in honor of Melody Ellison™, the newest BeForever character from American Girl. 


In Melody's story, the 9-year-old girl growing up in 1960s Detroit, Michigan, learns that age doesn't affect the power of your voice. In the midst of the civil rights movement, she decides to join the effort to stand up and speak out against inequality. Her message rings true that even young girls can make a difference if you #LiftYourVoice.

In the same way that Melody changes the perspective of her community, Alanna hopes to redefine the way the world views young people. She encourages even the youngest kid to help make the community a more beautiful place. All it takes, in her opinion, is a willingness to serve and a smile on your face.


ag-button-who-is-sheBorn in 2000, Alanna has a love for all things beautiful and a passion for helping others. When she was 8, she wanted to make a scarf for every single girl with a cancer diagnosis! She was just 10 years old when she tried to volunteer in the children's wing of a local hospital and was turned away because she was too young for the volunteer program. Alanna found a creative way to help out instead, painting glitter polish and fun designs on the fingernails of girls receiving treatment. 


After painting about 100 pairs of hands, Alanna started recruiting other young girls to help. Soon she created Polished Girlz, a nationwide nonprofit organization of young volunteers who brighten the days of girls in the hospital with glitter polish and a friendly face. Alanna hosted a Polished Girlz Ball last year at Saint Mary's Hospital for Children in New York, where 75 special needs kids dressed like princesses for a magical evening! She is already planning the second annual event to be held this November in California. 


Sparkle and shine ❤

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ag-button-see-more-herToday, Polished Girlz has grown to over 900 volunteers in 35 states! Your daughter can volunteer to be on a Polished Girlz team if there is already a chapter in your area. If not, maybe she will be inspired to start one! You can also follow Alanna's efforts to spread the sparkle on Facebook and Instagram, where she likes to share pictures of her latest adventures in both volunteering and fashion.


Alanna turned her passion for fashion into a movement that brings beauty and smiles into the lives of people who are suffering. She lifts her voice to motivate other kids to give back.

Womensforum and American Girl are inspired by Alanna Wall, and we're sure you are too. So share your story! Check out the video below and visit AmericanGirl.com/liftyourvoice to learn more. Show the world how you and your daughter #LiftYourVoice.

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