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Womensforum is adding Grace VanderWaal to our list of Super Girls changing the world because she is making a difference using her words to inspire others to see themselves in a beautiful light. The newest winner of America's Got Talent manages to inspire us all with her positivity and unique style.


 Grace VanderWaal had a secret she was keeping from her friends, teachers, and just about anybody who knew her. She had a beautiful singing voice. Not only that, the quiet girl had a lot to say. With encouragement from her family, the 12-year-old began singing at Peekskill's Bean Café and suddenly it wasn't just her unique voice, but her words, that were ringing in people's ears.



With the help of her mother, Miranda, Grace appeared on "America's Got Talent", where the young girl walked on stage and blew everyone away with her song "I Don't Know My Name". Grace says it was writing her songs and singing on her back porch helped her find herself through the music.


17782-see-more-graphic2The 12-year-old now has a video channel called "Oh Never Mind It's Just Me" where she posts videos of her songs about finding her place in the world. Her Twitter motto says it all, "She Said She Could, So She Did!". This summer Grace played in the Ramapo Summer Concert Series where an interview with USA TODAY proves new found fame is not changing this Super Girl!



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