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Through motivation and hard work, Kid Chef Eliana de la Casas has become a voice of change in her community and beyond. That's why Womensforum is adding her to our list of Awesome Girls changing the world, in honor of Melody Ellison™, the latest character from American Girl.


Melody might be new to the BeForever™ line, but her message about the power to #LiftYourVoice to change the world is not. As a 9-year-old growing up in 1960s Detroit, Michigan, during the civil rights movement, Melody’s story resonates with young girls who have big ideas about speaking out to make a difference.

Like Melody, Eliana de la Casas wants to motivate others for good. The young Latina uses her distinctive voice to share her passion for food in the hopes that she will empower kids everywhere to get creative in the kitchen. 

ag-button-who-is-sheEliana was just 10 years old when the world began to see what her family had known for years: This kid can cook! She loves being in the kitchen with her family and taps into her roots in Louisiana, the Philippines, Cuba and Honduras to find exciting new flavors for her dishes. She believes that being adventurous can start right at the table, and encourages kids to explore new foods and new flavors.


Quickly becoming known as the "Kid Chef," Eliana started preparing recipes on local TV news shows in her hometown in Louisiana. Her mother Dianne, a children's storyteller and author, encouraged her to lift her voice to a new level, so Eliana began writing cookbooks for kids. Her latest is Cool Kids Cook: Fresh & Fit. Her TV appearances have expanded to include guest cooking spots on national programs and cooking shows. Eliana recently created her own spice company called Spice It Up! Her first blend, a Creole seasoning set to launch this fall, is inspired by Louisiana Cajun flavors.


17782-ag-new-see-moreFor several years Eliana hosted a podcast called "Cool Kids Cook," and recently it turned into a weekly radio show called "Let's Get Cookin'." The show airs live online every Friday at 6 p.m. (CT). The Kid Chef, who is now 16 years old with remarkable cooking experience under her belt, interviews chefs and others in the food industry in a language that kids can understand. You can read more about these interviews on her blog: Kid Chef Eliana

Eliana proves that you're never too young to go after your dreams. She is the perfect example of a young girl who has changed the world with every bite! Eliana continues to lift her voice to motivate more kids to take an active role in the kitchen.

Womensforum and American Girl are inspired by Eliana de la Casas, and we're sure you are too. So share your story! Check out the video below, and visit AmericanGirl.com/liftyourvoice to learn more. Show the world how you and your daughter #LiftYourVoice.

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