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surgery-helps-blind-dog-see-his-family-headerAfter months of being blind, Duffy the dog sees his family again for the first time in this heartwarming video.

Duffy is an Irish Terrier who was rescued and adopted into a family that loves him dearly. The family was distraught when he was diagnosed with diabetes several months ago. Due to his condition, Duffy began to lose his eyesight rapidly.

"It broke my heart seeing this dog I grew up with…running into things, not being able to recognize me," the owner stated.

Through medication, Duffy's diabetes was stabilized and this allowed him to qualify for a surgery that would restore his vision. The result was caught on camera. 

In the video, Duffy immediately greets his family with kisses and happily whimpers as he travels in a circle to go up to each one of them over and over.

It's a heartwarming and beautiful moment. We wish that Duffy sees plenty more happy moments in his future!

Photo Credit: YouTube

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