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surprise-christmas-gifts-from-policeWhat could make a day much worse than getting pulled over?

Almost nothing. Not only could you be late to where you need to go... but you know you were doing something wrong and now you have to pay a ticket. 

Police know they likely won't make someone's day by pulling them over... even if they  are just trying to keep the roads safe. So in the small town of Lowell, the police department decided to switch things around. 

A camera crew followed Lowell officers around as they pulled over people, causally asked what they or their kids wanted for Christmas. Then their little "elves" would run around, collect gifts, and quickly wrap them!

Watch the video below to see how recipients to these gifts responded. 

We love the holidays for 'pay it forward' stories like this one. Share this video with others to remind them what the holidays are about, and maybe even inspire others to spread some happiness. 

Photo Credit: YouTube

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