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iStock-623680490 CroppedWe all have that one special friend - our BFF. When was the last time you showed your best friend that you care?  They're the ones that are there when you are down. They're the ones that pick you up when you need it and celebrate your victories.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have one good friend or a valuable friendship circle that supports each other through the muck. We need to take the time to show how much we appreciate everything they do for us. Here are some ideas to show your BFF some love!

How To Celebrate National Best Friend's Day (Or Any Day With Your BFF)

  • Throw her a surprise party, just because. There doesn't need to be a special occasion to throw a surprise party, and you don't need to do anything complicated. You could meet at a restaurant or invite other friends that you share in common and celebrate her friendship. Too often, we don't tell people how much we appreciate them. Here is a way!
  • Buy her lunch. Meet up for lunch and get the tab! Then tell her why you love her friendship.
  • Send her flowers. Women love flowers! Add a note of appreciation that will make her smile.
  • Show thoughtfulness. If she is ill, take her soup. If she has been on vacation and is returning, set a cooler with breakfast for the next morning at her front door.
  • Give a card. It can outline what you love about her and why you appreciate her.
  • Plan a "girlfriends" trip. This does not have to be costly. You could even book a hotel room in town and spend a weekend taking a break from all.
  • Dinner party at your home. Make her favorite meal and call the party an "All About You" party.
  • Mani/pedi or a spa day. This does not have to be expensive. Many cosmetology schools have discounted prices because they are practicing.
  • Host a movie or game night in honor of your friend. You know what she likes, what subjects she is interested in. Go from there!

The power of a girlfriend is beyond measure. Our girlfriends are there through breakups, through child challenges and even the most seemingly minute circumstances we find ourselves in. Take the time to let your friend know that you care through surprises and acts of kindness and appreciation.

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