A girl needs all the weapons she can get to tackle the everyday disasters that come her way. Some of the things you find in your beauty bag can actually help with a number of obstacles that pop up and threaten to ruin your style.

Our first fashion survival tool is right at the tip of your fingers.


17870-1Cover a scuff on your shoe or a crack in your costume jewelry with a dab of nail polish that matches the color. If you want to be real crafty, you can actually change the hue of your faux jewels altogether. The Gitter Guide shows us how easy it is to do. 

17870-2Want to add a new look to an old pair of pumps? Take nail polish and apply it to the bottom of the shoe, á la Christian Louboutin, using an old paint or makeup powder brush. It may take more than one coat of polish. I Love To Cook has a step-by-step tutorial to help you do this. 

17870-3Trying to get thread through the eye of the needle is a piece of cake once you drag the thread over a nail polish brush. The same principle applies to fraying threads on your clothes. A little dab will keep your hems from unraveling.

17870-4No tape on hand? In a pinch, a few drops of nail polish can hold most small items in place. This goes for attaching pieces of paper, sealing envelopes or tightening loose screws. Apply the wet polish and hold the two things together until the polish dries. 

17870-5Here's one we love! If you have a set of keys that would make a janitor envious or you forget which key goes to what? Well, paint the tops different colors. You'll always know that passion pink goes to your front door, while the sassy green apple key opens your gym locker. 

17870-6You can try the same trick with water bottles, soda cans or even red cups. How many times have you lost track of which drink is yours? Dab a bit on the cap or side and you'll know which one to sip.

EXTRA SURVIVAL TIPS: Every girl's emergency fashion kit should have a small bottle of clear polish because it has even more handy uses. A quick dab stops runs in your stockings or loose threads on buttons from unraveling. And finally, our last fashion tip with nail polish will blow your mind a little. Paint clear nail polish around the base of your metal shaving cream or body product cans to prevent those rust rings in your shower.

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