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suspend-your-workouts-with-antigravity-airbarreBody weight training, barre training and interval training are the among the hottest trends in fitness this year. Combing all of these concepts is a new class from the founders of AntiGravity Aerial Yoga. Chrisopher Harrison, a former Broadway dancer and award-winning Aerial Choreographer founded this ground-breaking technique to create a revolutionary barre, suspended class, called AntiGravity AIRbarre.

With over 350,000 Fluidity Bars sold to the public, barre work is proven to tone and lengthen muscles while developing balance and agility. Bodylines are lengthened and waistlines slimmed during the process. The New York-based class AntiGravity AIRbaree provides zero-compression inversions with the assistance of the Hammock. It makes aerial dance accessible to every level.

What can you expect during the class?

  • Suspension exercises. From upper body, mid-body and lower body, you will have strength and resist gravity from the Harrision Hammock in a 3-dimensional movement space,
  • Posture alignment. You’ll find that suspension helps align your body perfectly balanced against gravity. The class provides a full body workout and muscle lengthening stretches.
  • Calories Burned. Although barre classes may look graceful, easy and light, these Aerial classes have a cardio burn of 650 calories per class with the evolution of dance conditioning.

By and large, classes are limited to New York, but conditioning barre moves can be done at home.

  • Plié side leg lift: Start with back straight and tall posture holding onto your counter. Plie to the middle with toes turned out slightly and bending knees while keeping back straight. Lift to stand and lean to the right as you lift your left leg to the side. Return to pile and repeat on the other side alternating sides until you’ve completed 20 repetitions.
  • Curtsy kick: Start by stepping behind the left foot with the right one and bend the knees to “curtsy”. Stand and kick the right leg to the side. Repeat 12=15 repetitions and then repeat on the other side. Hold onto counter or chair for balance.
  • Front back leg lift: Standing with counter to your side, stand tall with belly pulled in and arm to the side, and lift your leg straight with toe pointed to the front of the body. Then push it back to a rear leg lift. Perform 20 repetitions on each side.

Photo Credit: antigravityfitness.com

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