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asweetest_daySweetest Day Poems

More important in some regions than in others, Sweetest Day is a popular North American holiday that celebrates friendship. Set on the third Saturday of October, it gives people the opportunity to share love with their friends, be more charitable and offer help to the sick, elderly, impoverished, and orphaned. In more recent times, Sweetest Day has turned into something more like a romantic holiday, which means that flowers and poems are at great demand around the Great Lakes where Sweetest Day is celebrated most lavishly.

Sweetest Day for Friends and Lovers

There is nothing more romantic than writing a poem for your loved one (if you have the talent to do it) or at least doing some research in order to find something to express how you feel. Poems are easier to write when you have in mind a list of things that connects you to your loved one. To start creating your Sweetest Day poem, remember the special moments you had together and think about what you were feeling back then. Write down words to express those feelings. You may not want to exaggerate with syrupy cliches but with strong, meaningful words like "cherished, secure, appreciated, comfortable, confident, loved, strong, protective/protected, safe, and happy." This word on this list are your keywords. Write each one of them on a post-it paper and then rearrange them until the poem starts to catch a shape in your mind.

The result doesn't have to rhyme. Free or blank verse can express how you feel about the person just as well as structured, rhyming stanzas. Poems are meant to open up your heart towards the one who is reading them. Shape your accumulated words into verses and take a look at your draft. Don't be too hard on yourself if the first attempt is a total disaster. You'll learn to make a good poem only after some practice.

Sweetest Day Celebrations

Giving gifts is easy, but what to do for the rest of the day? Figure out where to go and what to do to get a little bit of the routine. Sweetest Day is about spending quality time with people that are very dear to you whether they are your friends, your relatives, or your significant other, and letting them know how you feel about them. Age and gender are non-important: anybody can celebrate Friendship!

The key to spending a great time on this day is to think about the personality of the person you want to spend most of your time with and plan your actions according to what they would love to do. Look for an interesting show or concert and buy the tickets as a surprise for them. Maybe you could plan an adventurous getaway by choosing a "secret" location they will find according to the clues you leave. Perhaps cooking a fancy dinner for two sounds more like your loved one's preference. Whatever the case, use Sweetest Day as an opportunity to indulge your loved one and show him that you really know who he is and what he likes to do.

If you aren't in a relationship or want to celebrate an old fashioned Sweetest Day, consider taking some time to volunteer at a hospital, nursing home, homeless shelter, or orphanage. Traditionally, Sweetest Day was about not only celebrating loved ones but also showing compassion to those less fortunate. Bring back some of that sentiment by finding a way to reach out to those in your community that could use a little more love.

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