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Tell a Best Friend How You Feel With Poetry

Telling best friends how we feel with the sweetest poems for best friends is one way to show appreciation, loyalty and most importantly the strength of our love for them.  Most often best friends are lifesavers and confidants who guard our secrets and inner-most desires.  They help motivate and support our goals, ideas and ventures.   Often these irreplacable "chosen" sisters represent the one person we can call on anytime we're in a pinch.

Show Your Appreciation and Love

They give us a sense of belonging.  Sometimes the bond is stronger than among sisters.  A solid best friend bond can be stronger than most family "blood" ties.  Find some of sweetest poems for best friends online or simply try your hand at writing an original best friend poem to tell your best friend how you truly feel.

Having a best friend is a natural relationship that strengthens over time.  Most often best friend relationships can closely resemble a committed relationship similar to a marriage since both types of bonds require the same level of love, loyalty, honesty, trust and support.  Folloing are the five main ingredients that tend to make up or be apparent in the strongest relationships we develop in our lifetimes.

It takes a special circumstance and the perfect ingredients to build the strong relationships with a friend or spouse. These relationships also require the same level of care and appreciation. In most cases, if these undeniable bonds broken, it would without a doubt end the relationship.

Taking care to never betray the secret bond of a best friends doesn't require much aside from remaining true to the bond, returning the favor or support when needed and some times.   We found a few sweet online best friend poems that are touching tokens of love and appreciation you can text or email to your best friend.

Sweet best friend Poems just because your friends

  • "A friend is sweet when it's new....but sweeter when it's TRUE! In that case a best friend is sweetest because it with you"
  • "If you were chocolate you'd be the sweetest, if you were a Teddy Bear you'd be the most huggable, If you were a Star you'd shine the Brightest, if you were fruit you'd be better than the rest, This is why being my "FRIEND" makes you the "BEST"!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Flowers need sunshine, violets need dew, and all angels in heaven know I need u. The years may fly, our tears may dry, but my friendship with u will never die"
  • "Knowing a friend like u has made me happy in a million ways and if Ever I Have to Let you go...........I would find a million reasons to make u stay!!!!"
  • "The day we met our friendship began...As the weeks turn into months are friendship grew stronger, now that our friendship has been nurtured much longer....spending a day without you as my best friend would be the day my life would end"

Maybe writing original best friend poems can better express true feelings for a best friend.  If you want to learn how to write a sweet best friend poem and don't know where to begin review these few tips to help you poetically show your appreciation for a best friend.

  • Research different types of poems, like sonnets, lyrics and rhyming poems.  Study the examples of several poem styles to get the feel of the poetic direction you want to take when writing an original best friend poem.
  • Being a little creative with this next step is very important. Outline on a piece of paper or blank word document everything you want to say to your Best Friend and why. Then start forming these feeling into your chosen poem style. Here is where a thesaurus and dictionary come in handy, especially for rhyming poem styles!
  • Write the first poem draft and carefully edit the poem so that it reads with the same flow of the poem style you've chosen. Refer back to those poem style examples, if you need help structuring it. This may take several drafts before perfecting!
  • Read over the final poem draft and title it if not already titled. Make last minute corrections and word emphasis like bolding, italics, underling and upper case for the finishing touches. Then text, email or even recite this original poem to your best friend or friends.

There are multitudes of best friend poems online to choose from.  You can find anything from inspirational and humorous to appreciative and loving.  Go online and browse the vast selection of sweet poems for best friends and find one that best expresses your true feelings.

You can even try these poem writing tips to come up with your own best friend poem that you'd like to share and inspire someone else to tell their best friend how they feel with sweetest poems for best friends.

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