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Recreation In the Water Can Be Safe and Healthy Whatever Your Health Level With a Little Care

It is one of the most popular ways to spend your time on that hot summer day. You put on the bathing suit, grab a towel and head to the pool, either yours or someone else's. When you get to the pool you jump in, get nice and cool and then... it's then that your next decision will determine if this is all just for fun or for fitness as well. If you decide you are going to get up on that float and float around with your margarita and soak in the sun, have a great time. But if you want to get some health benefit out of this, swimming pool exercise is very good for you and very good for your body.

Swimming Exercise for Well Rounded Fitness

Swimming exercises are some of the best, low impact exercises that you can do. Working out in the pool is very popular for those who either like water, can't work out on land anymore because of injury or just like to combine fun with exercise. It is important to note that although there are many health benefits to swimming exercise, losing substantial weight is not one of them. Because you do not get as hot as you do out of the pool the body does not have to burn as many calories after you get out of the pool to "cool down" as you do when you work out on the land.

Swimming as exercise can be done multiple ways. First and foremost you can do laps in the pool. Most swimmers choose this as the primary way that they use the swimming pool for exercise. If you like to do laps, think about adding some interval training to your routine. Interval training simply means that the intensity by which you do the laps differs. So for the first five laps you would start off by exerting limited energy. The next five laps you would go as hard as you can, get your heart rate up, breath harder and really feel it. The next five laps you would go half speed to bring it down a little bit. Then you would start all over again: slow, full out, medium, for as long as you swim for.

But swimming exercises include more than just doing laps. Water aerobics are a great swimming pool exercise. In fact, people flock to the city swimming pools every day for these swimming exercises. In aerobics you basically do much of what you would do on the land but you do it in the water with the help of some pool toys such as balls and the floating flexible pool "noodles". With these as well as basic aerobics you have a complete workout. In these types of aerobics you can run in place in the pool, do kicking exercises from the side of the pool or even do jumping jacks. You can do a lot of stretching exercises while you are in the pool. Swimming exercise and stretching are done pretty similar to how you would normally do them except you are in the water.

The good thing about swimming as exercise is that most of the aerobics and exercises you do in the pool you already know how to do because they are the same exercises that you do on the land. You will not feel as much stress on your body when you do these exercises because of the buoyancy that your body has but you will still get the same benefit as if you were doing them on land. Again, with the exception of the pounds you lose, the benefits of swimming exercises are equivalent to that on the land except you can usually do it easier with the water support.

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