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The secret to a flawless party is pulling off your flawless party! So keep it simple, like going with a taco theme, maybe a taco cantina party? 

"This catina taco party speaks to the trend right now... simple, easy, ways to get together with your friends and family and sticking to just great ingredients."         ~Amanda Haas

Chef Amanda Haas, the culinary director at Williams-Sonoma, has some party tips for creating the perfect cantina taco party that will keep you from making a party foul. 

Chef Haas's Top Three Tips:

Pick Up A Little Extra Grab a mango mixed salsa or fresh Pico de Gallo at the store, so you save all of that prep time but don't miss out on a colorful addition to your table.

Buy Your Cocktails Mixed Go with a mix when it comes to your "signature" party cocktail. It allows your theme to be a bit on the "super" trendy side. Find a bottled margarita with a little spice like habanero-pineapple or a little sweet like mango-passion fruit that is already mixed in.

Make Ahead Side-Dishes You don't have to wait to the last minute, even with the fresh side-dishes. Use cling wrap, make sure all of the air is out, to wrap up for serving later.

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