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take-a-spinning-class-a-learn-the-basics-video-2-Burn between 600 and 800 calories by taking in a spinning class and working up a sweat. 


Incredible things happen beyond the glass doors of a spinning room. A group of fitness-minded individuals hop onto bikes to pedal hard, sweat buckets and have fun. People sprint and climb hills to upbeat music while riding bikes—sometimes even in the dark.


Indoor cycling can be an extreme workout that pushes muscles beyond their comfort zone and increases the metabolism. The benefits of spinning include increased strength and definition in the quads, glutes and calves as well as an improvement in cardio. 


If you’re brand-new to spinninng, fitness expert Dave Fitness Nantucket offers the following spinning tips to help you get over that intimidation and take your fitness regimen to its next level.

Tips for Spin Class

  • Lower or Raise the Seat - The top of the bike seat should meet the top of the hipbone while standing. Twist and pop out the pin to lower or raise the seat. Make sure to tighten the pin to prevent it from loosening and creating a potentially embarrassing scenario.

  • Get On to Ride On - Loosen the clasps and slip your feet into the pedals; pull the clips to tighten. The ball of the foot should line up with the center of the pedal for the most secure cycling. Also, keep a slight bend in the knee (about 10 percent) with each pedal stroke.

  • Lower or Raise the Handlebar - Place your hands on the forward, top or center area of the handlebars and check your comfortability. Your upper body should be straight, yet not stiff, and make sure your neck’s not hanging over the bars.

  • Set the Resistance - On the bike you’ll notice an adjustable knob for adding or lessening resistance of the 40-pound wheel. The higher the resistance, the more intense your cycling will be. The instructor will typically the recommend resistance level throughout the workout.

For spinning interval training and cycling circuits, ride for 5 minutes and break for 2 minutes. A typical cycling class will last for about 50 minutes. You’ll have warm-ups and cool-downs as well as a fun spinning workout that’ll challenge your cardio and push your fitness to the limit. And,  don't forget to work out at your own pace and stay hydrated!

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