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How do you save a life? When it came to getting a jumper off of an overpass safely, master patrol officer Michael Blackmore did it by talking football. After eight minutes of trying to connect with a despondent man sitting on an overpass guardrail in Columbia, South Carolina, Blackmore found a subject they had in commona love of football. A body camera worn by the officer captured the amazing rescue.

In a longer verison of the video appearing on Now This, you can hear the man mutter, "I can't stand Dallas, though," while talking ball with Blackmore. A few minutes later, the officer finally made headway with the magic words, "I'm definitely going to pull for them when they play Dallas because I hate the Dallas Cowboys." Right after that, the officer asked for his hand and the man relented. The police were able to help him to safety before taking him to the hospital for assistance. 

The State, the local paper in Columbia noted that this was not the first time the officer has talked someone down. In August, the same type of thing happened, but this time, it was in a parking garage and they talked Notre Dame football. 

Near the beginning of the tape, Blackmore can be heard telling the man, "You're probably just having a bad night, bud." Let's hope the man is sitting somewhere safer tonight and enjoying a good game of football.

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