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Teens-First-DateThese are talking points you should have with your daughter before her first date.

Well, the day has finally arrived. Your daughter is going on her first date! As parents, this is exciting yet a little scary. Your little girl is growing up! But also as parents, you know you can’t let her leave that house without giving her a little talk. What do you say to her? What warnings or encouragements do you give her?

Girls and boys are starting to date at an earlier age than they used to, so make sure you talk to her and her date before they venture off!

How to Handle Her First Date

Be Excited For Her. This is an exciting time in her life. Don’t get emotional or mad because your little girl is growing up. It’s bound to happen eventually! Tell her how excited you are but better yet, show her! Ask her about what she and her date will be doing, what movie they will see, or what she likes most about this guy.Teens-at-Prom

Meet Her Date. This will ease any concerns you have if you meet her date. You don’t have to be the crazy, cliché father who is overly protective and you don’t have to be the embarrassing mom. Just meet the young man, get to know him for a few minutes and let them be on their way.

“The Talk.” If you haven’t already had “the sex talk,” now is the time. Gory details aren’t necessary, just give her the short version of the talk because she is going out with a boy and she needs to know how to protect herself and judge if this boy is special enough to deserve dating her. If you raised her right, she will know how important it is to wait.

Discuss Curfew. Don’t let her hang out with her new beau late into the night. Discuss an appropriate curfew time.

Checking In. If the two are just going to dinner in town, let her be but encourage her to check in and call if they do anything else, like deciding to see a movie.

Clothing. If she walks downstairs in a mini skirt and tube top, sit her down ASAP! Make sure you evaluate her outfit. She can dress cute and fancy, but make sure she doesn’t dress “down” too much. Explain to her that she will give this boy the wrong idea.

Calm Her Nerves. Believe it or not, you are not the only person nervous about this date. She is too! Give her some ideas of what she and her date could talk about or fun activities they could do.

Encourage Using Code Words. If for any reason she isn’t having fun or is uncomfortable more importantly, plan out some code words so when she calls you, you know she needs your help and her date doesn’t have to know anything about it. Remind her how important her safety is. If she feels in her gut something is wrong, then it probably is.

Trust Your Daughter. She’s a smart lady. After all, she was raised by you! Trust her and trust this boy. Trust your daughter to make good decisions. She’s got a good head on her shoulders.

How did you handle your teens when they started dating? Let us know on Twitter!



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