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tanning-mom-arrested-videoSuper tan mom charged with child abuse in New Jersey. 

New Jersey super tan mom, Patricia Kentcil admits that while she has an addiction to tanning, she would never dream of putting her fair skinned child in a tanning bed. Patricia Kentcil, who has been nicknamed, tanning mom, seems to suffer from the psychological disorder being called “tanorexia.” Child protective services were called after Kentcil’s five-year-old daughter alerted teachers at her elementary school that she received a sunburn after she tanned with her mom. The fair skinned child reportedly had a pretty severe sunburn that concerned employees at her school who inquired why the child got so sunburned. 

Child Protection Services

Five-year-old Anna, was taken away from her mother by child protection services, after her mother was placed in jail on charges that she allowed her young daughter to tan in a tanning booth. Fair skinned Anna’s teachers, who were concerned about her skin health, asked where she got so sunburned, and the young girl exclaimed that she got burnt while “tanning with mommy.” Though Kentcil admits that she took her daughter with her to the tanning salon, she is very adamant that she would never allow her young fair skinned daughter to actually lay in the tanning booth with her. The super tan mom claims that she knows the dangers of tanning booths and sunbathing and would never dream that she should let her daughter try and achieve the perfect tan

Psychological Disorders

With the sharp increase in people utilizing tanning beds and constantly sunbathing to achieve the perfect tan, the term “tanorexic” has been coined to describe the psychological disorder that can accompany those who claim to be addicted to tanning. Patricia Kentcil openly admits that she is fully addicted to tanning and, and has been using tanning beds and tanning on the beach for a decade to achieve that perfect tan. Photos showing the state of the 44-year-old mom’s skin are rather shocking and are indicative of a person addicted to tanning. Skin cancer from tanning beds is an extremely real threat and exposing young children to that threat is difficult for most to comprehend. 

Addicted to Tanning

Kentcil, who posted a $25,000 bond and was released from jail, claims that she wouldn’t dream of letting her fair skinned daughter tan. Tanning mom claims that the little girl got a sunburn after an afternoon spent gardening, hardly criminal parental negligence. The case is ongoing and an investigation is underway to determine if the super tan mom actually exposed her daughter to tanning bed dangers by letting her tan in a tanning booth. Child protection services have let the daughter return to her mother and father while the investigation is ongoing. 

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