iStock 533833660 CroppedChange is in the air at your local Target, and we're low key loving it. There are four new brands arriving this fall - A New Day, Goodfellow & Co, Project 62, and Joy Lab. And since Target has historically been surprisingly good at supplying us with both fashionable pieces and basics (along with some amazing home decor) at wallet-friendly prices, we're pretty excited. 

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A New Day

These are the easy everyday clothes that you can live in; there's a good mix of casual and business-casual pieces that are very on-trend. Plus, everything is under $50. Preview the line, which looks to be similar to the now-retired Merona brand - here. It's scheduled to be released on August 27th.

Good for: Busy women who want to be fashionable but keep things easy and inexpensive. 

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Goodfellow & Co. 

A menswear line with a focus on the classics and an eye on the details. Preview the line here, and it's scheduled to be released August 27th, just in time for back to school and perfect for any high school or college-aged dudes in your life. 

Good for: Guys who want to look stylish with minimal effort. 

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Project 62

Target has always been an awesome place for home decor, and this line might be there best yet. The name from the year1962 - a huge year for modernist design - and these pieces capture that style without a high price tag. Preview the line here, and it's scheduled to be released September 19th.

Good for: Fans of midcentury modern design or anyone who would love to live on the set of Mad Men. 

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Joy Lab

Chic activewear at a reasonable price might make Joy Lab our new go-to. This brand is scheduled to be released on October 1st. No preview yet, but we'll update when we get it! 

Good for: Everyone who's about that athleisure life. 

Mark your calendars! 

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