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taylor-swift-dances-to-iggy-azaleas-black-widowTaylor Swift has been known in the past for her adorable, care-free dancing, mostly acknowledged during music award shows. Earlier this week while on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, T. Swift showed us her moves to Iggy Azalea’s hit single “Black Widow."

Swift, who has been promoting her highly acclaimed album 1989, had a busy week filled with promotional appearances on The Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, E! News, The Voice and more. It was during a music break in her Seacrest interview when Taylor busted a move to Iggy.

The moves alone... we LOVE! Swifty would be the best for a girl's night out. Even better? The singer knew every word. 

Seacrest praised Swift, "You nailed every lyric to that one," and asked if she had ever covered an Iggy song. "I mean just by myself in my room," Swift joked.

The newly minted pop-signer poked fun at herself earlier this week when she admitted on The Voice, "I love watching the worst dancer at a house party. I’m usually it."

The fandom is reciprocated on Iggy’s part as well. In light of Swift’s record-breaking album drop, Iggy tweeted, "is taylor swift going to be the first artist with a 2014 new release to go platinum? I hope so! if no1 does it ill be depressed 4 music."

Perhaps a musical collaboration could be in the works for these two young, female, groundbreaking artists, because it’s hard to drop a note without busting a move.


PR Photos: YouTube

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