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One of the fabulous camera people at the Grammy’s snagged what appears to be a very awkward exchange between Taylor Swift and Jay-Z.

The two are standing talking to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but T. Swift’s body language makes it pretty clear that she is waiting for the right time to say something to Mr. Carter. It is too far to make out any audio of what the famed group is saying, but it is possible to do some lip-reading.

Taylor tries a few times to try and say something to Jay-Z, opening her mouth and looking between him and Kanye to finish their convo. After Kimye walk away to talk to Pharrell, the “Blank Space” singer puts her hand on Jay-Z’s arm and leans in for a swift demand. She says something quick before repeating “Brunch” three times.


Photo Credit: Gawker

Poor Jay-Z looks like a deer caught in headlights. He doesn’t look like he quite commits to a brunch date, just offers a quick nod before sitting down.

Taylor turns around and immediately poses for a photo with Kanye, their arms around each other. The internet proceeds to declare the two newfound besties, finally over that whole interrupting-your-speech-at-the-VMA’s thing.

It’s definitely entertaining to see Taylor in the fangirl position for a change!

Check out the full video of the awkward interaction below.

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