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We often tell our kids how important it is to "be yourself"! During the school year it can get tougher and tougher to remember what that means so it is the perfect time to show them what that means. There are a lot of challenges that your daughter or son may face during school, so it's important to instill in our kids confidence, acceptance, and the ever important message to be true to who you are. Celebrate these ideas by creating a Be Yourself Day: a day where you and your child embrace the things that make each of you special.

Plan A "Be Yourself" Day

Find an event, like a movie, play or even something like a children's book reading by the author. The important thing is that it creates a destination and a time frame for your "Big Day". Here are a few ideas to set your "super-confidence" day in motion:

Play Dress up, For Real

Who doesn't love to dress up? Play dress up with your child, let them go wild and have fun. Enlist them to show you how to go crazy too, with fun scarves or funky shoes.  If you are planning this for an older child, let them pick your outfit and help you be the "cool" mom. When it comes time to go to your event it's your turn to show them how to walk with confidence, even when everyone is staring at your funky clothes. One of the most important lessons your child can learn on "Be Yourself" day is that everyone doesn't have to like or understand who you are for you to be who you want to be. Show them how to move with confidence and embrace your look with a good attitude.

You Tell Me, I Tell You Game

17814-compliment-gameOn the way to the movie, play or whatever, play a confidence-building game like You Tell Me, I Tell You. The game is simple: You and your child take turns giving each other a compliment that starts with a letter from the alphabet. You start with "A" and take a turn to tell your child why she is "awesome" and then let her tell you that you are "amazing" and why. It gives you both an excuse to lavish on the praise and makes it easy to accept compliments. There is no way not to have a good time when you get to the end of the ABCs and have to come up with something nice that starts with "X." It will leave you both feeling great before your event. 

Memory Keeper

To help your children remember your "Be Yourself" day so they can make every day about being themselves, make a special reminder. Print a "selfie" you took together and put it in a frame. Surprise them with a picture for their room or locker to remind them to be confident, be brave and always be yourself. 

We have a few printable frames to help you make the picture perfect reminder.

17814 alwaysbe yourself frame new

17814 you rock

17814 zigzag 




With all the hustle and bustle this time of year, taking the time to have a fun day together can give your child a much-needed boost of self-esteem!


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